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My thanks to God
By Romario Rodriguez, written on the 03rd of January 2015

I will start by thanking God for being so good to me.

He took away my sins and granted me life eternaly.

Although at times I felt so far away.

Like a true shepherd He never let me go astray.

He was there for me through good and bad,through thick and thin.

Now I know with God by my side all I can do is win.

At times things seemed hopeless and impossible for me.

But that's when the Lord took my hand and led me to victory.

I was a sinner living life the way I wanted to.

But what the Lord had planned for me I had no clue.

He delivered me and looked past all I'd done wrong.

I was weak at first but now through Him i'm strong.

How can someone ever be greatful and thankful enough?

I'll just do the best I can to praise Him and serve Him with nothing but love.


                               Thank you Lord for everything :)



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