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The Musician's Prayer
By Franco VANTERPOOL, written on the 03rd of January 2015

The Musician’s Prayer

To God, who created every song, note, and key

All glory and praise, I offer to Thee

Before the clap of the hand, or the tap of the shoe

The concept of rhythm, it started with You

You composed melodies for the birds to sing

And anointed their songs with the joy that they bring

So before You, the author of music, I bow

I’m asking that You would bless me now

With the understanding of this perfect gift

This ministry You have blessed me with

That Your glory will always be my goal

That You will be the musician within my soul

Whether it be with my voice, my hands, or my feet

With wind, strings, pipes, or a steady beat

Without Your Spirit to touch and anoint

The sweetest sounds become mere noise

But to play like David, to calm and to soothe

And most of all, to be pleasing to you

Let this be my motive and the source of my drive

That Your name will ever be glorified

Please let my praise be a sacrifice

Offered to You, no pretence or disguise

Let my life be a song more precious than words

Sweeter to you than any note ever heard

Let it ring out strong, and true to the end

I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Inspired by God, Written by:  Vanessa L. Miller
Copyright 2002





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