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The Price of Love -John 3:16-
By Benjamin F Boyrard, written on the 03rd of January 2015

There once was on this Earth

A very special Man

Who's mystery of birth

Revealed GOD's Precious Lamb.


His heart of compassion

Was so soft and tender

That it touched nations

And shines-on forever.


The lame He made to walk

The blind He made to see

The dumb began to talk

And the possess He set free.


Yet hated by his own

He was falsely accused

But didn't murmured or groan

Death He did not refuse.


His flesh was rip-away

By the stinging cord of a whip

Yet a word He didn't say

As He stood sealing his lips.


The fierce crushing pain

Of spikes piercing through his hands

And blood pouring as rain

From his head and sides upon the sand.


Then came this new day

When Life conquered death

And the glorious news gives way

When the Angel and Mary met.


For this noble reason He came

To bring hope beyond the grave

So that man's told will not be the same,

And because of that Day, His life he gave

Now and forever we all can live.




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