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This is the story of the two hands
By Benjamin F Boyrard, written on the 03rd of January 2015

Before there was anything that is

There were two hands.


At the dawn of time,

Those hands had painted the stars

On the dark velvet sky.


In the very beginning,

Those same hands had created

The heavens and the Earth.


But on the 6th day after time was,

After the perfect home was finished built

These two hands had fashioned

Their most favourite and special creation:

A perfect sculpture and great masterpiece:

Man… Man was formed from the ground.


Day by day, these hands would embrace mankind

In such warm tender love.


But in sin Man has pushed these hands away.


Throughout the ages, the weight of the world

Was bore within these hands.

Yet, these hands were longing to embrace

Mankind once again.


So in the fulfilment of time,

Those hands left Heaven’s glory

Without hesitation, in a gesture of love,

They came to Earth as a lovely baby.


Such tiny cute little hands,

Tender and soft, as the love they carry.

The very same hands of God, now walk among men

As in the sparkling days of Eden.


In time, they grew into the strong hands

That gently and patiently work the art of wood.


Years came and gone and these loving hands

Started to perform wonders and miracles…

Eyes were touched and were opened

Hears were touched and were unblocked

Possessed were touched by these very hands and were set free

Dead were touched and brought back to life

Lame were touched and began to walk

Those very same two hands also fed thousands

From 2 little fishes and 5 loaves of bread.


Yet inspite of all this, we hated and despised them

Even the very works they had performed.


Now, in the darkest time of history

These hands had to carry the heavy weight of a wooden cross

Under the exhausting heat of a blistering sun.


Yet the worst was about to be unfolded:

These once, tender baby hands will now bear

The excruciating pain and agony as spikes have been driven trough them.

The pain was beyond what words can describe…

So much so, that they became numb as the blood flowed.


These precious hands has taken-on all the unbearable burden of sin

The sin of all humanity nailed these hands of love to the cross.


But, as the evening of that dark day approached,

The life that once moved within these hands had left.


These hands were un-hanged from the cross,

Then they were embalmed and rapped into burial cloth,

And placed in a sealed tomb.


For 3 long dark and silent nights, those hands were not seen

As many rejoiced thinking that those hands will be gone forever.



But on one day, on one early morning…

These same hands that created this universe

Sparked a ray of light brighter than a thousand suns

As the stone was roll away.

Death trembled and kneeled… and the Grave gave way to life.


Life was now giving a new name: it is called “love”.

Some have seen these resurrected hands…

Some have touched the wounds these hands of love still have.


Today, these two hands are in heaven…

The hands of the King who is above all kings

Still ever so loving and wide open

Saying: “Can’t you see how much I love you, my child.

When will you return to me? I love you so dearly.”


And this is the story of the two hands.




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