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For that ye [ought] to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.

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By Claudius Page, written on: 17th September, 2009

Salutations my long time friends,

May this my test that turned in to a testmony be a great blessing to each andf everyone of you,

how do i begin lol, 

well i was going to school and working part time was trying to get my you know what so i can drive my self around to get my earans done but is not about my  timing is about Gods and he does work just take patience am reminded of the scripture: they that wait upon the Lord Shall do exploits. 

now i was working for this lady and me as a human being was thought that when u work always put ur...

By Benjamin F Boyrard, written on: 4th June, 2009

Greetings to all the family in Jesus Christ !

It's been a long you haven't heard from me. Between work, vacation and now even more work... I have hardly any time to to catch a break !!!!!

That's why it is important to take a break now & then ! it is good to spend some time alone, with GOD, to resource yourself after dedicating yourself to serving others on a constant basis.

Any way, I just love to boast about my Lord... These last months were pretty exciting !

While spending a whole month with my Dear Wife, enjoying her tender presence & the beautiful flowers and landscape of Holland, she was contacted, after a year or so not having anything much to do, to work part-time as a teacher in a public school. Patience always pays off and it is good to...

By Lainez Antoinette , written on: 17th March, 2009

Aujourd’hui, mon mari et moi avons décidé d’écrire notre témoignage.

Mais avant, j’aimerais donner gloire à notre Dieu car il est tellement fidèle, bon et plein d’amour pour l’humanité. Quelque fois quand je pense à son amour qui dépasse toute compréhension, mes yeux se remplissent de larmes.

read more ...

By christoline bardouille, written on: 17th March, 2009

yes my name is christline and i give God thanks for all he did and is doing for me in my life .now im in martinique going school and things up here are very hard but i till trust in god to help me out of this situation and be at peace . the first time i came up here everything was so good but a few days later things got very harsh, im not getting on well with ppl cuz im not use to them at all but then i still try to get along with them in anyway i can .i stayed 3mnts without going to church and things got worst i even taught of killing ppl because i wasnt familiar with the country so i came home for christmas i was glad to be back home and see my friends from the youth group is like joy and love surrounded me i was very glad with a big smile. i had maybe only two...

By Romario Rodriguez, written on: 8th February, 2009

Hey everybody it's Romario.i wanted to share a testimony with you all,eventhough this happened a long time ago,i think it really shows the grace and mercy of God.I wanted to give this testimony in church originaly,but yea i guess my nerves kept getting the best of me.And seeing im not there now i thought that i would share it here for all to see.It all start with me getting up one morning and being barely able to see out of my left eye,after a visit to the doctor it turned out that i had gotten micro organisms in my eye and that they were eating their way to my brain through my eye.i immediately got taken up in the hospital and the doctor told me that if i waited a day more i would have lost me eye sight permenantly and if i waited 3 more days that i would be dead.for the...



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